Hanging Out Macguffin Style

Hanging Out Macguffin Style

I met the some counselors and campers around the campfire today. Some of them were a little shifty, and I was wondering if they were trying to trick me into giving them the combination to my footlocker, which I will never divulge. All in all, a nice bunch, albeit, a little quirky.

A few folks have submitted vocal tracks for the Under Pressure Glam Rock project, and I’m PSYCHED! @timmmmyboy (whoever he is) has such a set of pipes on him! That guy can wail! Also got some tracks from @rowan_peter and @cherylcolan┬áthat are TO DIE FOR!!

I’m planning on laying down some instrumental tracks this weekend. Thinking of uploading the arrangements to SoundCloud AND the midi data to DropBox if others want to impose alternate instrumentation on the tracks. But, I’m using Garage Band, and it doesn’t support midi. UGH! Can I export to Audacity, and export to midi from there? Any audio geeks out there, Andy Rush? I don’t want to buy Logic.

Thanks all! Going to fetch some chow and dust my footlocker for prints.

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  1. I don’t have a quick answer to the midi question but where there is the web there is a converter– but I just want to say how excited we are with your out of the gates playfulness you bring to camp

  2. “a little quirky” is sorta an understatement….

    Good to have you along camper and we will have many more fireside chats with these good folks. From here on out, it is all unicorns and wispy clouds.

    Thanks for being brave and showing up!