Getting Weird Here

Getting Weird Here

First, I see Alan’s video about being in Canada with “corporate.” Then, Martha is hard to find (is she ever HERE?? — I hear she has a “history” of sorts). Then, some person posts an image on The Daily Create that looks as though it was ripped from my nightmare last night:

Hatchet Jack and his Brother Moon

Hatchet Jack is a little too “friendly,” if you ask me. Especially after dark. And a girl can’t be too careful.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s something going on under the surface here that just doesn’t feel right? I’m starting to sleep with my footlocker on the bed with me. I’ve taken to hoarding food in my bunk because I’m afraid to go to the mess hall – and Sloppy Joes do NOT make good bunkmates, let me tell you.

Something’s got to be done to make us all feel safer, but it feels like no one’s in charge. Maybe after I’ve got my bunk assignments settled, I’ll feel better.

Long day of recording ahead tomorrow — lots of tracks to lay down for the “Under Pressure” project. So I’m going try to sleep now…

…fancying a littleĀ Wild Irish Rose

…Darn you Hatchet Jack!



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  1. Nothing weird, I promise. No like the last time. Or, ah, the time before that. Not like none of those. I am gonna be nice and all unicorns and sunshine like @timmmmyboy wants. He is such a good fellow.

    Sorry about the darkness. Just my way and I am all flowery on the inside. I got this beard ya know. Makes me look rugged they say. Maybe that’s what you are seeing?

    The whole hatchet thing is just a name. Jeez, I only got a few hatchets and I hardly ever use any of them.

    Yours truly,

    Hatchet Jack