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  1. What could be a better match? They can commiserate on their alcoholic and sociopathic parents? It’s a win-win!

  2. Oh. I almost made a Venn diagram for fun and spontaneity late one night about a week ago. I should look on my iPad to see if I still have it. I got caught mulling over a detail like the relative sizes of the circles — trying to correctly represent the situation that seemed to emerge out of a conversation I saw some folks having on Twitter.

    I better go check and see if I still have it.

  3. I can so dig it! I was taken how challenging this was (maybe its just my lack of recall of pop culture tidbits). Olivia Benson and Jack Bauer together eh?

  4. I do dig it! I actually have to make a lot of Venn diagrams for my job and I always want to reinterpret them and add some pop cultural goodness. But it’s rare that anyone agrees. Still, it’s fun.